A.G. Cook Releases 'Oh Yeah', His Most Straight-Forward Pop Song To Date

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/20/2020
A.G. Cook

A.G. Cook has announced that he's dropping a new album Apple and Oh Yeah is taken from it.

Apple sits at a modest 10-tracks, far less than last week's 7G which featured 49 songs. Cook, enigmatic as ever, is yet to distinguish between the two projects but if Oh Yeah is anything to go by Apple is going to be more accessible.

It's a guitar-pop song that was inspired by Shania Twain according to the PC Music head. "How her clean, slinky vocals tell you as much about the song as her lyrics," he said in a statement.

It might be one of his more straight-up moments but he still finds the space to play with the production. Things get a little more warped in the tail-end of the record.

We'll see if Apple follows this simpler suit although Cook's history of unpredictability makes it unlikely.