Rapid React: Little Mix - 'Holiday'

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/24/2020
Little Mix

Little Mix are back with the second single of a new era, delivering the breezy Holiday.

The group have always been one to excellently time their releases with seasons and Holiday is obviously aimed at summer. Given the global situation right now, however, Holiday is more likely to soundtrack summer on TikTok than beach parties.

While its predecessor Break Up Song was an all-out pop track, Holiday is a little slinkier. It recalls the move from Shout Out To My Ex to Touch - a one-two punch that worked wonders for the group.

The difference is, where Touch dug its heels into the ground in its excellent chorus, Holiday goes with the wind. There's no part of the song that's in-your-face which works both for and against it. Its incredibly listenable but there's no singular part that sticks with you once its ended.

That said, the group has never really released a bad single and this keeps that streak going. It's a warm, syrupy bop that is likely to find a home on TikTok given its tempo.

Best Part: The verses are where all the best vocals and runs sit.

Worst Part: The chorus just isn't as memorable as it should be.

Best Lyric: "Boy, have I told ya?" isn't poetry but it sounds great as an entry point to the verses.

Worst Lyric: "So hot it's like the middle of July," is an overused simile in pop music.