Rapid React: Kylie Minogue - Say Something

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/24/2020

Kylie Minogue is on the comeback trail once again, moving back into the disco lane with Say Something.

Technically, it's not really a comeback. The pop princess released Golden back in 2018 and toured it extensively. The reason it always feels like a comeback with Kylie is that she reinvents herself - the truest adopter of the pop era.

This time, we're back to Disco, a genre that has provided us with some of Kylie's most triumphant moments. Traditionally, she starts each genre with a disco record. We got Light Years in 2000 and Aphrodite in 2010, arguably her best post-millennium records.

Say Something plants us right back on the dancefloor. It's a classy, elongated dance record that takes the subtlety of I Believe In You and clashes it with the uniting euphoria of All The Lovers.

Kylie is at her best when she's bringing people together on a dancefloor and that's what Say Something does best. "Love is love it never ends, can we all be as one again," she sings. It's a vague statement with plenty of ambiguity but right now it feels good.

The timing for this record couldn't be better and the fact that Kylie is still making music that's relevant and exciting is extraordinary.

Best Part: That opening synth instantly floods the song with warmth.

Worst Part: The beat almost veers into '80s Kylie and puts the song at risk of sounding kitsch. Thankfully it doesn't override the song.

Best Lyric: "Can we all be as one again," feels good to hear right now.

Worst Lyric: I can't work out if, "So we're going with our heart, yeah it's all the rage," is genius or daggy?