CXLOE Weens Herself Off A Toxic Relationship With '12 Steps'

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/16/2020

CXLOE is back with her first new cut of the year, breaking her silence with the powerful 12 Steps.

She's yet to put a foot wrong, releasing a phenomenal string of singles last year. 12 Steps continues that run. It's a sucker-punch of a pop song, one that progressively grows until it's holding you by the collar.

The hook is particularly strong. One that you'd imagine Taylor Swift would be fighting for if she heard it.

12 Steps is a song about pulling yourself away from a bad relationship. The 12 steps metaphor is a reference to alcohol addiction, something she says runs in her family.

"Addiction needs to be spoken about and not treated as a taboo topic," she wrote ahead of the song's release. The first week of streaming revenue will go directly to Lifeline Australia.