12 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Chloe x Halle, Jorja Smith, Teyana Taylor And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/16/2020
Teyana Taylor

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12. Rhys - Better Break My Heart

Swedish-American artist Rhys has a few bops to her name including last year's No Vacancy. She's one-upped herself with Better Break My Heart, however, offering an effortless pop song that immediately circles the head.

11. Kota Banks - Let U Leave

Kota Banks has been sporadically dropping great tracks for a while now but Let U Leave might be our favourite so far. We love to hear Kota in her feelings, getting emotional over a glassy, Swick-made dreamscape.

10. George Alice - Stuck In A Bubble

George Alice has returned with her second official release ever Stuck In A Bubble. It was produced by fast-rising producer NASAYA and introduces us to a silky, buoyant sound for Alice. It's the perfect backdrop for her heady vocals which float their way through the track with ease.

9. Nea - Drunk Enough To

You may not have heard of Nea yet but you know her work. She co-wrote Zara Larsson's Lush Life but now she's having her own breakout moment with the Some Say EP. Drunk Enough To is a supremely written pop song. It doesn't take one wrong step on the path to its slinky chorus.

8. Thomston - April

Thomston continues to grow as a writer getting more-and-more vivid. April is one of his most personal yet, detailing a degrading relationship with stunning intimacy.

7. Dua Saleh - Cat Scratch

Dua Saleh just dropped their second EP ROSETTA and it's a powerful, captivating listen. Cat Scratch opens the set and it houses a blood boiling level of angst. Saleh's voice is difficult to turn away from too.

6. RIIKI - Share Your Luv

New Zealand continues to churn out pop gold. RIIKI is our latest favourite. She only has three official releases to her name but they've all been brilliant. Share Your Luv is so easy to listen to you'll find yourself hitting the repeat button multiple times.

5. Aluna - Warrior

Aluna's solo project is giving her the chance to explore new dance realms while getting more autobiographical than ever. Warrior sees her team with SG Lewis for an uplifting epiphany. "I been hopin' there's a way to make you see me," she sings before concluding, "'Cause the only way is really just to be me."

4. Teyana Taylor - Wake Up Love (Feat. IMAN)

Teyana Taylor's THE ALBUM is on the way and she's dropped off another track Wake Up Love. It's the slowest cut yet but it gives Taylor a chance to really melt us with those impossibly textured vocals.

3. Jorja Smith - Rouge Rose

Jorja Smith has contributed to Blue Note Records' Blue Note Re:imagined with a St. Germain cover. As with anything Smith does, this is pure class. She oozes sophistication and cool as she wraps those vocals around an organic jazz beat.

2. Shamir - On My Own

Shamir hasn't gone anywhere since his breakout album Ratchet but he's moved further-and-further away from pop. On My Own sees him nudge back towards it with his most immediate release in years. There's so much packed into this brilliant cut. At times it's liberating and groovy, at other times it's defiant and gritty. No matter what side you're tapping into, it feels good.

1. Chloe x Halle - Forgive Me

Chloe x Halle just went from good to great. This is superstar stuff. Forgive Me is the album opener and it oozes with confidence and commitment.

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