10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Run The Jewels, Nadia Rose, Ninajirachi And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/10/2020
Run The Jewels

will hyde - easy for u.

Will Hyde is stepping out on his own, leaving behind electronic duo SŸDE for his own pop project. Easy for u. is the perfect launching point, introducing us to a raw, unapologetic lyricist who has the tone to carry it.

LOKOY - classic city girl

LOKOY is the bassist for Sløtface but he's also making his own music as a left-centre pop producer. classic city girl is his latest and it's so wonky that you can't help but be intrigued. Thankfully, it also has the hook to turn that intrigue into love.

Eves Karydas - Complicated

Eves Karydas made her latest cut Complicated with Swedes and you can tell. It's got that slinky, pop polish that the country has become so well known for and it's a perfect match for Karydas. She's never sounded like such a superstar.

Dua Saleh - Body Count

The past few weeks have been full of protest songs each giving their own perspective on the #BlackLivesMatter movement rightfully escalated after the death of George Floyd at the hands of police brutality. Few songs cut quite as deep as Saleh's chilling take on police brutality. She brings a vivid, raw narrative to an icy beat, giving lyrics like, "Y'all been dodging camera like their bullets of a crime."

Navvy - Pieces

Kiwi artist Navvy has taken things to another level with her new track Pieces. It's a pulsating, buoyant pop songs that makes weird and wonderful production choices. You're never quite sure exactly where it's going but that's a thrilling feeling.

Meek Mill - Otherside Of America

Meek Mill has been calling for justice reform for years now and he's come through with one of the most powerful songs of the week. Beginning with a chilling Trump quote, Mill goes onto rap, "this is a fucking disaster."

Nadia Rose - Too Bad

British MC Nadia Rose went silent for a bit but she's back with a string of excellent tracks. Too Bad is the latest one and it's bursting with Rose's charisma. She's instantly likeable and this dancehall-flavoured cut is a winner.

Ninajirachi - Alight

We've come to expect wild, otherworldly productions from Ninajirachi but we weren't expecting something so vulnerable on her latest EP Blumiere. Alight is the best song she's ever written. An after-dark manifest of love that's just out of reach.

Ziggy Ramo - Stand For Something

Ziggy Ramo wrote his debut album Black Thoughts 5 years ago and while he thought it may never see the light of day, he unleashed it last week just before Australia took to the streets to protest. It does the record a disservice to cherry-pick just one moment but that's the nature of this list. Stand For Something is the one we've gone with. It's a stark, unforgiving depiction of the injustices Indigenous Australians face that also refuses to stop fighting. "I ain't forgot, you see black lives as nuisance." As he said in a statement before the album dropped, this album isn't an answer but it's the beginning of the conversation. We need to listen.

Run The Jewels - JU$T (Feat. Pharrell & Zack De La Rocha)

It's hard to belive that the release week of Run The Jewels' fourth album lined up with global #BlackLivesMatter protests. This is a record that details it all from police brutality to the way the rich profit off black culture. JU$T is the bounciest, most accessible of the record but it's also a powerful reminder of just how rife racism is. The hook, "look at all these slave masters posing on your dollar," is in direct reference to the US currency which largely features slave masters.

If you're stuck for ways you can help during this global movement, don't wait. There's money to be donated, petitions to be signed, protest to attend and heaps more. Here's a great resource of US petitions, charities and gofundme pages you can contribute to. Kira Puru has also put together a guide of local charities you can donate to. The Interns is currently supporting Black Rainbow (a charity preventing Indigenous LGBTQI suicide in Australia), the National Lawyers Guild Mass Defence Fund (providing legal support for political activists, protesters and movements of social change) and Colors Of Change (designing campaigns to end injustice for Black people and finding solutions to push the movement forward).