13 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Lady Gaga, ROSALÍA, Destiny Rogers And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/30/2020
Lady Gaga

A bit of this and a bit of that but most THAT.

13. Nova Millar - Mi Amor

Pop newcomer Nova Millar is delivering high-caliber pop tracks that make it feel like she's been doing this for a lifetime. Mi Amor is a grandiose, disco-flavoured track that's so slick.

12. ROLE MODEL - For The People In The Back

Rising artist ROLE MODEL has released his first new drop of 2020, unleashing For The People In The Back. The genre-skipping artist combines his rap roots with an emo-born angst on the track that revels in its own loneliness.

11. Boylife - dio

LA artist Boylife only has a few songs to his name but every one has been solid. dio might be the best one yet. It's a raw R&B track that feels as if it's been delivered unfiltered from the heart to us.

10. Destiny Rogers - Holy Ghost

It feels inevitable that Destiny Rogers is going to be a superstar and her new EP Great Escape is evidence of that. We love when she lets those grunge references creep in and she does exactly that on Holy Ghost. It's a gritty, angst-filled ballad.

9. Cub Sport - I Feel Like I'm Changing

Cub Sport are levitating on their latest Like Nirvana single I Feel Like I'm Changing. It's a psychedelic epiphany, depicted by gentle vocals and a hypnotic instrumental.

8. Porcelain Boy - Dull Girl

If you're raving to Chromatica this weekend, here's one to add to the playlist. Porcelain Boy are a new duo from Sydney making chaotic, muscular dance-pop music. It's a little dark, it's a little drunk and it's a little ratchet which, to be honest, is a potent combination.

7. Christian Leave - No Use

Christian Leave just keeps rolling out great songs. There's not much to No Use and that's the joy of it. It's his voice and a funky backdrop, made great by magnetic songwriting.

6. Celeste - I Can See The Change

Celeste has one of the best voices in the game right now and she allows it to soar on this Finneas-produced track. It builds gradually, using restraint as a powerful tool.

5. Griff - Forgive Myself

Griff does it all by herself. The British teen writes, produces and directs. It's only her on the credits for her latest drop Forgive Myself and it's a triumph. A tight, sticky pop song that instantly lodges in your brain.

4. Miiesha - Blood Cells

Miiesha is one of the most poignant songwriters in the country and her debut project Nyaaringu is a vivid, raw project. Blood Cells is one of the many highlights, protesting the gross inequality indigenous Australians face over a thick, crunching beat. Miiesha's voice sounds gorgeous.

3. Tayla Parx - Dance Alone

Tayla Parx is back with a self-isolation anthem Dance Alone. She taps into the world of disco, switching on the disco ball and weaving her vocals around a slinky rhythm.

2. ROSALÍA & Travis Scott - TKN

ROSALÍA and Travis Scott's chemistry was magnetic on the Highest In The Room remix and they proved it wasn't a one-off with TKN. Scott steps into the reggaeton world of ROSALÍA on this arresting, detouring cut.

1. Lady Gaga - 911

There are several songs from Chromatica that could be sitting in this spot but we're going with the one that rattles the speakers. Gaga dons her robotic voice for the first time in years for a song that's actually one of the most personal on the album. "My biggest enemy is me," Gaga sings as she talks about popping anti-psychotics. Healing on the dancefloor is Chromatica's modus operandi and this one feels particularly good.

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