Rapid React: Sia - 'Together'

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/21/2020

Sia has returned with a new single Together taken from the soundtrack for her forthcoming motion picture Music.

It doesn't really feel like Sia went anywhere. She's been releasing collaborations and standalone tracks for a while but it's four years since she's last led an album campaign so this one feels like an event.

Listening to Together, it's hard to believe that any time has passed at all. It takes us right back to the sonic direction of This Is Acting. Toy-like drums are joined by those soaring, raspy vocals. It's Cheap Thrills-meets-Chandelier, however, it never quite matches the quality of each of those.

Lyrically, it's your run-of-the-mill song about positivity and community. We have to love ourselves, stand up straight and then we'll see the rainbow. It's not overly inspiring work but, as always, Sia's voice and incredibly natural feel for a melody make it digestible.

That said, it's bursting positivity is perfect for a film and it will be interesting to see what Sia brings in her directorial debut. Her music videos were some of the best of last millennium and her partnership with dancer Maddie Ziegler has been inspiring to watch.

Best Part: The "I want love, please deliver it," is the one point in the song that it detours in tone and it's the one truly triumphant moment.

Worst Part: The kids vocals in the chorus are just a little too perky for our liking.

Best Lyric: "I want love, please deliver it," houses a desperation whereas the rest of the song feels like everything comes easy.

Worst Lyric: "Come now set the past on fire," could've been constructed by a Sia bot.