Dorian Electra's 'Sorry Bro (I Love You) Is A Quick, Muscular Admission Of Feelings

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/20/2020
Dorian Electra

Dorian Electra has unleashed a new single Sorry Bro (I Love You), co-produced by 100 Gecs' Dylan Brady.

At just under 90-minutes, it's one of Electra's shortest songs to date but it does what it needs to do in that time. It's basically Electra telling a friend they've fallen in love with them and it's a head-rush of feelings surrounded by dizzying synths work.

Brady worked on a number of songs on Electra's debut album Flamboyant and has recently produced for Charli XCX's How I'm Feeling Now record.

Alongside producer Count Baldor, the trio have made an immediately likeable and unfiltered pop track.