Rapid React: Jessie Ware - 'Save A Kiss'

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/08/2020
Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware has absolutely snapped on her latest What's Your Pleasure? single Save A Kiss.

Ware started her career on the dancefloor but has deviated from it since. She's right back on it though with this album and Save A Kiss is the biggest banger she's ever released.

Spotlight and Ooh La La were inspired by '70s disco but this one seems to find its pleasure in the '90s, giving us a pulsating beat as well as sweeping, luscious string.

Ware's vocals are as elongated and elegant as ever sounding like Sade on a dance song.

Just like Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia, there's something strange about being gifted this big dance songs while in quarantine. The listening experience is one of nostalgia which is an oddly satisfying feeling in the context of Save A Kiss.

Best Moment: The first time you hear those sweeping strings creep in over the pulsating beat.

Worst Moment: There isn't one.

Best Lyric: "High anticipation, it's an emotional trap," captures the tension of the dancefloor perfectly.

Worst Lyric: There isn't one.