Rapid React: Charli XCX - i finally understand

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/08/2020
Charli XCX

Charli XCX's third offering from her quarantine album how I'm feeling now is a glitchy epiphany i finally understand.

While previous drops forever and claws have been full of bold, abrasive production, i finally understand moves at a smoother pace with the odd jitter here and there.

Lyrically, Charli wrestles with mental health as the beat shuffles around her, attempting to find some sort of clarity. Palmistry and A.G. Cook are on production here and they offer a perfect soundscape for Charli to dish her thoughts.

We're not used to Charli sounding so relaxed and so this one doesn't hit as immediately as previous drops. As a standalone, it's easy to feel like it needs a little more oomph hook-wise or a true climax.

By adding wild drops and production detours to the end of many of her songs Charli has made us always beg for more. We don't get it here and maybe that's a good thing.

It will be interesting to hear how this sounds in the context of the album.

Best Moment: Charli's top lines in the verses have been incredible on all the songs so far and this one is no different. It rolls of the tongue effortlessly.

Worst Moment: There isn't a 'worst moment' but perhaps it lacks a true climax.

Best Lyric: "This feeling that I've found might kill me, put me in the ground," is a new level of raw emotion from Charli that's impressive to hear.

Worst Lyric: Charli's lyrics have really stepped up on this project so far. It's hard to cherry-pick one.