14 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Beyoncé, Kehlani, Haim And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/01/2020

Any list we can include Beyoncé on is a good list.

14. Destiny Rogers - Kickin' Pushin'

Destiny Rogers continues to prove herself as one of the next big pop hopes. Kickin' Pushin' feels fresh and youthful while also channeling the angst of pop/punk queen Avril Lavigne.

13. Glades - Vertigo

Glades are readying their second album with new single Vertigo. For those that tracked the crisp, electro-pop of their last record To Love You, Vertigo will come as a stark refresh. It's the boldest thing they've ever unleashed, tapping into a hypnotic darkness that cascades through the teetering chorus.

12. Bronson (Golden Features & ODESZA) - Heart Attack (Feat. lau.ra)

We never expected an ODESZA and Golden Features collaboration but we're even more shocked by how gigantic HEART ATTACK. It's a post-isolation live moment waiting to happen thanks to its emotional mix of melancholy and euphoria.

11. Hartley - Feel Too Much

Australian singer, songwriter and producer Hartley gets better with each release. Feel Too Much sets the bar even higher, pairing dark, moody electronics with headstrong vocals.

10. Mahalia - Plastic Plants

Mahalia has blessed us with a 3-track project Isolation Tapes. It feels good from start to finish but nothing hits as hard as Plastic Plants. Everything unfolds with ease as Mahalia delivers a soulful sendoff to a lover.

9. Amber Mark - 1894

Amber Mark is one of many creating in isolation and she's making gold. 1894 is a quarantine original and it's one of her most confident flexes yet. Gone are those elongated vocals. This time she's feeling herself and giving a quick-tongued delivery.

8. Jojo - Think About You

Jojo's long-awaited fourth album Good To Know is out today and it features this gem Think About You. Co-produced by Lido it's a raw, honest R&B jam with an understated but potent hook.

7. Doja Cat - Say So (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

Doja Cat has given Say So a refresh and there's no better person to hop on it than features queen Nicki Minaj. She moves into the song like she's always been there with a quip-heavy verse about independence.

6. Aluna - Body Pump

Aluna of AlunaGeorge fame has gone solo and her first offering has her sounding rejuvenated. Body Pump is a perky, wonky pop song that makes us miss the club.

5. MAY-A - Green

Sydney young-gun MAY-A is back with another A-grade pop song. Green is a guitar-driven song defined by its raw lyrics. There's something very personal about what she's giving us which is raw for a pop career in its infancy.

4. Kehlani - F&MU

Next week, we will have Kehlani second album It Was Good Until It Wasn't. F&MU is the latest and it's an after dark R&B cut that has her running all over it with those velvety vocals.

3. Dixie Chicks - Julianna Calm Down

Dixie Chicks Gaslighter album was pushed back because of Rona but they're not done dropping new tracks. Julianna Calm Down is the second taste and it's a Jack Antonoff produced piece of excellence that signals a slightly different sound for the trio. It's a comforting, heart warming back pat for those going through a relationship breakdown.

2. Haim - I Know Alone

We've been raving about the new dimensions Haim have been exploring on recent material and they've unlocked another on I Know Alone. It won't hit you as immediately as the punchy previous single The Steps or rip your heart out as much as Hallelujah but it has a slow allure. Danielle Haim's vocals are sublime as she's matched by dizzying vocal samples.

1. Megan Thee Stallion - Savage (Remix Feat. Beyoncé)

Megan Thee Stallion's Savage is already her biggest hit in its own right but now Beyoncé has hopped on and shot it into the stratosphere. It needs to be said that Megan doesn't really need features at this point. She carries a song effortlessly without any help but there's something powerful about seeing her get the Bey co-sign. Bey doesn't offer features up easily, in fact this is her first since 2018, but Megan possesses a similar force to her.

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