Poptimism, A Daily Dose Of Good News: Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 04/30/2020

If you’re as silly as we are, you’re likely waking up, looking at your phone and encountering bad news almost immediately. Don’t get us wrong, it’s important to read a lot of this and be informed but we’re also in it for the long haul and maintaining a balance is important for your mental health.

Over the past few weeks, the music community has been hit hard by cancellations and postponements but they’ve pulled together to do what they do best – entertain! Livestreams, albums drops and memes have been putting a smile on our face daily so we thought we’d package it all together so you can get a dose of good news. We’ll publish every morning and we hope it meets your eyes before the bad stuff.

☻ Houston's finest Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion have finally dropped the rumoured remix of Savage. Thanks to a TikTok challenge, Savage is well on its way to becoming Megan's biggest song and now it's going to shoot into the stratosphere.

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☻ Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj saw what Bey and Megan had done and decided they needed a slice too. Minaj will jump on Doja Cat's biggest hit Say So. It's set to drop on 1st May and it's obviously going to be excellent.

☻ Haim have righted their wrongs and decided to release Women In Music P.III before the US summer. They pushed the release date from April and have now pulled it forward to June 26th. It's been a rollercoaster but let's hope this one sticks.

They have also released an excellent new song I Know Alone. Read our Rapid React review here.

☻ Who knew Hayden James had such a gigantic pop banger inside of him? He's teamed up with Icona Pop, who are no strangers to the genre, for a pulsating club-pop banger.

NEW MUSIC DISCOVERY: We're turning to the PC Music stable for our NMD today. Namasenda is a Stockholm artist who has been working with A.G. Cook and they've just popped out two versions of her new single Dare. One is an 'AM' version, rooted in early '00s R&B, and the second 'PM' is a nightcore version that's trademark Cook. Both are great.