Poptimism, A Daily Dose Of Good News: Mariah Carey, Noah Cyrus And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 04/29/2020
Mariah Carey

If you’re as silly as we are, you’re likely waking up, looking at your phone and encountering bad news almost immediately. Don’t get us wrong, it’s important to read a lot of this and be informed but we’re also in it for the long haul and maintaining a balance is important for your mental health.

Over the past few weeks, the music community has been hit hard by cancellations and postponements but they’ve pulled together to do what they do best – entertain! Livestreams, albums drops and memes have been putting a smile on our face daily so we thought we’d package it all together so you can get a dose of good news. We’ll publish every morning and we hope it meets your eyes before the bad stuff.

☻ Mariah Carey fans have inexplicably rocketed her 2008 record E=MC2 back to number one on the US iTunes chart, promoting #JusticeForEMC2. Carey, who is no stranger to the top position, is obviously thrilled and a little confused. So much so, she treated fans to an acapella of Last Kiss.

As a result of this, we have also decided that our Stuck With You album this week is E=MC2. A podcast documenting our week with Mariah will be out this time next week.

☻ Noah Cyrus has announced her new EP appropriately titled The End Of Everything. It's out 15th May and given the strength of recent singles July and I Got So High I Saw Jesus, we reckon it's going to be pretty great.

☻ One of the greatest voices on earth right now Serptentwithfeet has released his new EP Apparition. It's a short but rewarding trip from lows to highs.

☻ We've just unleashed a new episode of our podcast Flopstars. This week, it's The Veronicas' Hook Me Up album that we're going deep on. Get it wherever you get your podcasts.

NEW MUSIC DISCOVERY: Ash Leone is an R&B/pop singer from Philadelphia who has just released a great EP Blue Phase. It's a personal, spacious listen that showcases her effortlessly soulful voice.