We Listened To Paris Hilton's Debut Album 'Paris' For A Week & Here Are Our Thoughts

Written By the interns on 04/08/2020
Paris Hilton

Introducing 'Stuck With You' - a new podcast broadcasting an isolation challenge that will see us listen to an album at least once a day for 7 days. The albums aren't going to be our favourites hence our decision to start with Paris Hilton's divisive 2006 debut Paris.

It was the mega-socialites first foray into the music world and while many thought it was going to be a laugh, she managed to bag some hits. That’s really not enough guarantee that it’s going to be in fit shape 14 years later though. For the past week, our editor Sam Murphy listened to the album once a day and recorded his thoughts after each. Below is the audible diary of his week with Paris.

Next week, we're taking on Katy Perry's fourth album Witness. Commit to the challenge with us and tweet us or hit us up on Instagram to let us know you're with me.