Rapid React: The 1975 - Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America

Written By Sam Murphy on 04/03/2020
The 1975

The 1975 have dropped their slowest cut from Notes On A Conditional Form, unleashing Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America.

The British band have served up an array of stylings so far moving from the intense People to '90s rock on Me & You Together Song. This time around, it seems it's Bon Iver who is providing the inspiration as they pair acoustic guitars with distant, experimental horns.

Phoebe Bridgers joins Matty Healy on vocals for this song and together they make a really endearing pair, each telling their own stories. Healy, as per usual, is sarcastic, declaring his love for Jesus Christ but it isn't born from his usual cockiness. He sings, "Fortunately I believe, lucky me," as if he wishes he actually wishes he wasn't an atheist.

It's Bridgers who gives the most unfiltered performance though, telling a story about falling in love with, "the girl next door." It's sweet but the clincher comes when she sings, "Nice when she comes 'round to call
Then masturbate the second she's not there." It's a much needed moment of total honesty in a love song of ambiguity.

The 1975 have always made music for the times and there's something truly settling about hearing a song so simple right now. It's a calming release that's likely going to hold even more power in the context of a chaotic album.

Best Part: The brass coupled with the acoustic guitar is a beautiful touch and builds most of the emotion in the song.

Worst Part: At times it feels like it runs on a singular line. The chorus could've done with a little extra oomph.

Best Lyric: "Masturbate the second she's not here," is an excellent one from Bridgers.

Worst Lyric: "I am just a footprint in the snow," feels unnecessarily metaphorical for a song that's so straight-forward.