Rapid React: Dua Lipa - 'Break My Heart'

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/26/2020
Dua Lipa

We may have detoured slightly from the disco world with Dua Lipa's last single Physical but she's right back under the disco ball on third single Break My Heart.

With sweeping strings, groovy bass and emotive keys, Break My Heart feels like the disco backbone of Future Nostalgia and it stands on its own gloriously. The verses are slinky, the bridge is powerful and the chorus is delectably understated.

It's Lipa's most playful use of the disco sound yet, veering right into kitsch but reigning it in before reaching Donna Summer cover act territory. Less liberating than Don't Start Now, Break My Heart deals in forbidden love and takes on the subject with all the drama and allure that's required. If DSN was this generation's I Will Survive then BMH is our Hot Stuff - falling headfirst for desire rather than breaking free.

Regardless of its '70s counterpart, it's a lot of fun and very possibly the most charismatic single Lipa has ever released.

Best Part: Those sweeping strings in the chorus are a delicious disco touch.

Worst Part: We would've loved a proper third verse but maybe we're just greedy.

Best Lyric: "I should have stayed at home," may not have been a line deliberately released during social-distancing but the timing seems to have aligned for Lipa.

Worst Lyric: "You know you can get whatever you want from me whenever you want it," is a drastic 180 from Don't Start Now.