Rapid React: Rita Ora - 'How To Be Lonely'

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/13/2020
Rita Ora

You can all have a laugh about Rita Ora being a 'who' but it's difficult to deny that she has bops and How To Be Lonely is yet another.

By now you should know what you're after from Ora. It's not genre-shifting visual albums or weighty political statements. Us Ritabots are in it for earworms and she rarely puts a foot wrong in that respect.

2018's Phoenix had stronger pop singles than most others in the genre that year and she follows a similar script with How To Be Lonely. Penned by Lewis Capaldi, it aligns closely with her Ed Sheeran co-write Your Song. It's an acoustic-tinged track that has some of Capaldi's fingerprints but has ultimately been renovated by Ora's weighty voice.

There are delectable harmonies then there's a swear word in the bridge and it's all topped-off by a chorus far more epic than the subject matter warrants. At its finish, you feel like you could carry on with your day not better or worse off for having listened.

It's another enjoyable Ora single. Job done.

Best Part: The harmonies in the verses.

Worst Part: The tribal percussion in the chorus.

Best Lyric: "Been looking for an immaterial love, soon as I find it I'll be fucking it up," is so unhinged and wonderful.

Worst Lyric: "In truth, I'm being honest, I don't know," is a real maze of a sentence.