Rapid React: Flume - 'The Difference' (Feat. Toro Y Moi)

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/12/2020

Last year, Flume gave us the experimental Hi This Is Flume mixtape and a few pop-centric standalone singles but on The Difference with Toro Y Moi he seems to have found a plush middle ground.

Toro Y Moi rarely does features and it's even rarer that he'd collaborate with a producer from the EDM world. He's an asset on The Difference though as he brings his groovy, uncomplicated melodies to Flume's jangly, distorted production.

In saying that, while Flume's production has been particularly glitchy on previous releases, he smooths it out here channelling a drum 'n' bass sound. The result is one of his most effortless singles in years. The Difference washes over you but has enough delectable hooks to stick long after its short run time.

Best Part: Flume's drum 'n' bass beat with Toro's coos is a treat.

Worst Part: The short run time paired with the simplicity of the song makes it feel like it flies by.

Best Lyric: "I don't know about you but I've gotta get it out and I don't know how soon," feels like the heart of the song.

Worst Lyric: If anything, the first verse is slightly convoluted but there are few duds here.