Rapid React: Brockhampton – Sugar (Remix Feat. Dua Lipa)

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/06/2020

Brockhampton‘s Sugar has taken off to become their most successful single to date. Given the current remix climate, it was only a matter of time until Sugar got the treatment but we couldn’t have anticipated who would jump on it.

While pop tracks have been nabbing rappers for the renovated version, Brockhampton have done the opposite enlisting Dua Lipa. Lipa is on the top of her game right now so she makes sense from a commercial point-of-view but on paper it feels odd.

Surprisingly, it works.

Bearface adds an extra verse at the beginning before Ryan Beatty’s winning hook comes through. It’s then Lipa’s turn and she comes through with a textured, pop-leaning verse.

The verse is unlikely to win over many hardcore Brockhampton fans but it’s hard to deny the beauty of Beatty’s pitched-up vocals alongside Lipa’s raspy stylings in the chorus.

It would be nice to see Brockhampton pull off a mainstream hit and hopefully, this helps the cause.

Best Part: It’s a tie between Lipa and Beatty in the chorus and Bearface’s beginning.

Worst Part: If you’re a BH die-hard, you’re likely going to have some problems with Lipa’s verse deleting some of the original bars.

Best Lyric: “I move mountains on my own,” is a clever nod to the original.

Worst Lyric: “Just to hear you call my name, I call to God,” is…interesting.