Rapid React: Haim – ‘The Steps’

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/04/2020

Haim spent last year sporadically releasing some of the best music of their career, positioning them nicely for the release of their third album Woman In Music Pt. III. The Steps is the first taste of it and it continues their hot streak.

If you couldn’t tell from the title of the album, Haim really has some things to say on this record. The Steps kicks it off by delivering an angsty, lo-fi moment driven by lyrics like, “Every day I wake up and make money for myself” and “I don’t need your help.”

We’ve never heard the sisters this gritty. They have made a name for themselves with clean, vocal-driven indie-pop tracks but here Danielle’s voice is shrouded in reverb conjuring a certain rage as she fights to rise above the noise.

It’s unlikely that The Steps is going to nab commercial success like early Haim but for the first time, it sounds like they truly couldn’t care. It’s yet another side to a band that has shown more dimensions in the past year than in their entire career.

Best Part: When the reverb drops out and we’re left with a rare moment of calm. In saying that, it’s only the best part because the rest of the song sets it up.

Worst Part: If you didn’t like the Lou Reed-inspired rock of Summer Girl it’s unlikely you’re going to fall in love with The Steps. Don’t come in expecting The Wire.

Best Lyric: “Everyday I wake up and make money for myself” and “I don’t need your help,” feel particularly poignant.

Worst Lyric: Lyrically, Haim haven’t put a foot wrong in the last 12 months.