Rapid React: Lady Gaga – ‘Stupid Love’

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/29/2020
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is back and, as expected, she’s back in pop mode on LG6‘s lead single Stupid Love. It’s the first time we’ve heard her like this since 2017’s The Cure and it feels good to have her back in the lane that took her to superstardom.

Stupid Love ~may have~ surfaced a few weeks ago but it feels completely the with the intergalactic visuals and stupidly great single cover. Gaga has always been about aesthetic and an era is never formed until the full visual has been delivered.

As for the song – it’s a no-frills Gaga pop moment. She takes us back to the EDM-pop sound of Born This Way and ARTPOP but while the latter ostracised with its experimentalism Stupid Love gives it to us straight. The verses are instantly likable and the bridge punches for the sky like all of Gaga’s best moments. The chorus falls slightly short but those chopped and screwed vocals become sweeter with every listen.

Lyrically, it’s simple. “You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for,” she sings, as if she’s cheekily welcoming back pop Gaga. It’s a chaotic, euphoric love song that commands you to dance more than fall in love. It doesn’t need to be complicated because her crystal clear, powering vocals take it to the zone it needs to be in. 

Whether she’ll get wilder on LG6 remains to be seen but for now, this is a very adamant declaration that she’s returned to pop. Pack away your cowboy hats and pull out the Coke can hair rollers again.

Best moment: the bridge is almost impossible not to move to. It’s a completely nonsensical reaction to love but it feels so right.

Worst moment: Gaga excels in maximalism and for that reason, we wish the chorus went bigger.

Best lyric: “I freak out, I freak out, I freak out…I get down, I get down, I get down,” is not poetry but it’s a lot of fun. 

Worst lyric: “Now it’s time to free me from the shame,” feels throwaway in the context of an otherwise bombastic song.