Christine & The Queens' 'People, I've Been Sad' Is A Thunderous Ballad

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/06/2020
Christine & The Queens

Christine & The Queens, one of our finest purveyors of pop, has released a new single People, I've Been Sad.

Apart from her collaboration with Charli XCX, this is the first single she's released since 2018's Chris and sees her right back on fine form. People, I've Been Sad is an emotionally powerful ballad full of elongated vocals and tense melodies.

In the past, Chris has recorded both English and French versions of her songs but this time around she's rolled them both into one, giving a verse to each language.

The production here is beautiful but it's Chris' voice that rises to the top, capturing an emotional restraint that she slowly releases throughout.

No word yet on whether this is from a larger project but it comes alongside a COLORS performance so that will keep us busy for now.