11 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Dua Lipa, Kesha, Ryan Beatty And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/01/2020

Dua Lipa claims the pop throne and other tidbits.

11. Justin Bieber - Get Me (Feat. Kehlani)

Another absolute sleeper for the Biebs. He sounds good but the songwriting is seriously lacking. Why is it on this list? We would never let a Kehlani drop slip through the cracks. That's a punishable offence.

10. H.E.R. - Sometimes

Look, we have no idea how H.E.R. collects Grammy nominations like it's easy but we were impressed by her performance. Amongst all the noise of the show, her debut of Sometimes felt like a genuinely earnest moment. Her voice sounds excellent and the song is instantly timeless.

9. Cosmo's Midnight - Down For You (Feat. Ruel)

We should've known that Cosmo's Midnight's earthy, soul-inspired sonics would be the perfect backdrop for Ruel. Down For You takes it easy, relying on the strength of the lush instrumental and Ruel's textured vocal.

8. Lara Andallo - For Her

Rising Australian R&B hope Lara Andallo has dropped her debut project For Her and it houses this gem. It's a sleek, nostalgic cut that has us feeling like she's sitting somewhere between Kehlani and Ashanti.

7. Allie X - Devil I Know

Allie X is nearing the 21st February releases date for her new album Cape God and she's unleashed Devil I Know from it. Far removed from her shimmering electro-pop, Devil I Know is a haunting track that lures us in with eerie verses and a powerful chorus.

6. Hayley Williams - Leave It Alone

This new Hayley Williams material is dark. Simmer introduced us to Petals For Amor with notions of anxiety and now she's unleashed Leave It Alone, reacting to the death of others. It's a slow-burning, delicate piece that wrestles with the idea of loving when everyone leaves eventually.

5. Kesha - Tonight

 Tonight begins with a stirring, gospel-influenced intro before dropping into anarchy. “Bitch we’re going out tonight,” kicks off the chaos and from there it only gets funner.
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4. Porter Robinson - Get Your Wish

Porter Robinson returned this week with Get Your Wish - the first taste of a forthcoming album nurture. As always, Porter has reinvented the wheel fusing with glitchy electronics. It's a fragile and emotional moment that feels really refreshing.

3. Amber Mark - Generous

Every Amber Mark drop is the sonic equivalent of a million dollars. Once again she delivers a glossy, decadent soul track elevates by her gorgeous voice. This is bedroom music - dim the lights and slow down sort of stuff.

2. Ryan Beatty - Evergreen

Ryan Beatty's new album Dreaming Of David is best consumed in full but if we have to cherrypick, we're going with Evergreen. It's a rousing, cinematic piece that juxtaposes soulful and manipulated vocals.

1. Dua Lipa - Physical

Physical is a neon-lit tune that sits somewhere between disco and '80s electro-pop. It's full of eery synths and hearty beats that actually make you feel like you want to grab someone and run to the dancefloor. The whole thing sweats with lust from the slinky Dua Lipa vocal in the verses to the way she switches up the melody in the second part of the chorus. We're starting our best songs of 2020 list early just to throw this in.
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