Rapid React: Dua Lipa - 'Physical'

Written By Sam Murphy on 01/31/2020

Dua Lipa made big promises by dropping Don't Start Now as the first single off her forthcoming album Future Nostalgia. The flawless pop song was a sign that Lipa was confidently taking on the challenge of the second album. It's time for single number two and she's smashed it out of the park with Physical.

Physical is a neon-lit tune that sits somewhere between disco and '80s electro-pop. It's full of eery synths and hearty beats that actually make you feel like you want to grab someone and run to the dancefloor. The whole thing sweats with lust from Lipa's slinky vocal in the verses to the way she switches up the melody in the second part of the chorus.

Just when you think she's given enough she gives us even more with a stirring final bridge that solidifies its banger status. The most exciting thing about Physical is it's, like its predecessor, difficult to attach to anything in commercial music right now (if we had to choose one it shares synth-pop roots with The Weeknd's Blinding Lights). Lipa's debut album was good but it didn't really set her apart from the rest of the pack. With Future Nostalgia it seems she's racing ahead.

Best Lyric: "C'mon, let's get physical," may be borrowed from Olivia Newton-John but it packs such a punch when sung by Lipa. She gives us grunt!
Worst Lyric: "Baby keep on dancing like you ain't got a choice," isn't a bad lyric but it sounds like a stressful command.

Best Moment: All of it. The soaring synths, the strings, Lipa's vocal grunt, the hand-clap chorus.
Worst Moment: We wouldn't change a thing.