Rapid React: Tame Impala – ‘Lost In Yesterday’

Written By Sam Murphy on 01/08/2020

Tame Impala has released more tracks in the lead-up to the new record The Slow Rush than any other album. Lost In Yesterday is the fifth drop so far and it may also be the most accessible.

Each of the tracks have dabbled in a different genre. Borderline took on disco, It Might Be Time was wonky, psych-rock and Posthumous Forgiveness was a ’70s-scented, slow-mover. Lost In Yesterday now offers up a pop-focussed approach, giving us a melodic slice that could see it filed next to songs like The Less I Know The Better.

Its rhythmic percussion and delectable, slippery riffs make it an instantly likeable trip while Parker’s voice feels more present than ever. He yearns for simpler life on Lost In Yesterday but ultimately tells people to follow the flow of the future. It shares its carefree murmurings with Let It Happen and also has a similar spring in its step.

Best Part: The bounding, funk-infused beat brings the song into a weightless space that all of Tame Impala’s best songs have inhabited (The Less I Know The Better, Apocalypse Dreams).

Worst Part: It’s difficult to highlight but if the chorus may plod along for a little too long.

Best Lyric: “When we were living in squaller, wasn’t it heaven,” is perhaps the most Australian beginning to a Tame Impala song ever.

Worst Lyric: “When we were living in squaller, wasn’t it heaven,” for the exact same reason as above.