Cub Sport Twinkle On 'City Of Angels', The Second Release Of Tringle '333'

Written By Sam Murphy on 12/17/2019

Cub Sport are feeding fans before the year is out, gifting a trio of new songs under the name 333. City Of Angels is the second drop and proof that it's going to be a cohesive tringle.

It's a neon-lit, gentle song that captures the euphoria of love. "Baby, let's stay like this," sings Tim Nelson over a pulsating, locomotive beat.

The band have been moving fearlessly into the dance-pop sphere over the past few years and this is the most confident and nuanced embrace of the genre yet.

Previous release Hearts In Halves followed a similar sonic backdrop, actively capturing love in real time which sounds easier to harness that it is.

There is still one more track to follow but we're already sold on 333 given the opening two.