Kiwi Newcomer RIIKI’s ‘High Heights’ Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Written By Sam Murphy on 12/04/2019

If you’re a subscriber of Spotify’s ‘Pop Edge’ playlist, you would have noticed the face of New Zealand artist RIIKI who is there because her latest single High Heights is great.

It’s a refreshing pop track that trades electronics for organic, human production, complimenting her beautiful tone.

High Heights is not what you’d think it’s about. It actually tracks the story of a couple of seagulls she encountered.

“It’s about an odd and funny story to do with a seagull which was getting bullied by other seagulls because I fed it a chip,” she says.

It’s an unexpected but surprisingly emotive story that comes to life on the track.

She only has two songs to her name but both of them have showcased a raw, honest songwriter with a knack for effortless hooks.