12 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Haim, Harry Styles, Tinashe And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/22/2019

A lil bit of this a lil bit of THAT.

12. Kesha - My Own Dance

Kesha is absolutely having none of your shit. She's back to party tunes but this time around she's doing it with a middle-finger in the air refusing to be what anyone wants her to be. This one is grittier than Raising Hell but it's just as powerful.

11. Carlie Hanson - Side Effects

Carlie Hanson adds to her impressive collection today with Side Effects. It's another rock-tinged pop song with a sucker punch of a chorus.

10. KUÇKA - Real

KUÇKA is making some of the most innovative pop music coming out of Australia and she's continuing with her latest Real. It's a levitating, wondrous track that draws you in with hypnotic vocals and production.

9. LOVEMEDO - You Kiss Everyone

Central Coast youngster LOVEMEDO has built a solid discography for himself in just two tracks. The second You Kiss Everyone is a slick pop moment that takes cues from The 1975 and Conan Gray.

8. Hannah Diamond - Concrete Angel

Hannah Diamond's debut album Reflections is wall-to-wall bangers but nothing goes quite as hard as this Martina McBride cover. It's a pulsating, rave-inspired cut that holds absolutely nothing back.

7. Rina Sawayama - STFU!

Rina Sawayama is holding absolutely nothing back on this heavy-rock-meets-pop track. It's a thunderous, relentless track that only lets off the gas for the melodically spot-on chorus. Another boundary-pushing moment for Sawayama.

6. MAY-A - All Girls Aren't The Same

Australian pop newcomer MAY-A has followed up her excellent debut Fools Paradise with another slam-dunk All Girls Aren't The Same. The teenage artist understands the psyche of some men better than most, calling them out for putting girls in a box if a relationship doesn't work out.

5. Tkay Maidza - IDC IF U BE DED

Earlier this year Tkay Maidza dropped the video for Awake, teasing fans at the end with a snippet of a new song IDC IF U BE DED which has arrived in full. The menacing rap cut sees Maidza on top of her game once again giving one of her most immediate, passionate performances to date.

4. Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar

To be honest, we didn't rate Harry Styles' debut album but he's impressing us with Fine Line so far. Watermelon Sugar basically describes a feeling without saying anything specific but it feels so sweet.

3. Maggie Rogers - Love You For A Long Time

Maggie Rogers is responsible for one of the year's best debuts and she's finishing off the year strong with another fresh one. Love You For A Long Time is a simple, heartfelt love song that does try to be anything other than what it is. Simple and beautiful.

2. Tinashe - Cash Race

You could honestly pick any song off Tinashe's Songs For You for this list but we're going to go with Cash Race. The gassed-up R&B cut is essentially two songs spliced together. It cuts from a slick mid-tempo into a harder beat that has Tinashe dropping bars.

1. HAIM - Hallelujah

Haim have released their third single of the year, delivering the stirring Hallelujah. The song, which features a verse from all three of the sisters, is one of the rawest they've ever released covering everything from lost friends to the strength found in their relationship with each other.

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