13 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Billie Eilish, Grimes, Camila Cabello And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 11/16/2019

A very self-explanatory list, really.

13. Grimes - So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth

At this point, it's difficult to know what to expect from Grimes. So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth is another switch-up from the pulsating Violence. This time, she's taking us on a hypnotic 6-minute ride through airy vocals and sci-fi instrumentals.

12. Ryan Beatty - Patchwork

No doubt inspired by his time kicking around with Brockhampton, Ryan Beatty has dirtied up his solo work. Patchwork offers some of his most lo-fi production yet cut with present, intimate vocals.

11. Syd - Getting Late

No one knows how to navigate and after-dark R&B cut quite like Syd. This one, taken from the soundtrack for the film Queen & Slim, is a simmering, sophisticated bedroom track that places Syd's vocals front-and-centre.

10. Hayley Kiyoko - L.O.V.E. Me

Hayley Kiyoko knows her way around an off-kilter pop songs and L.O.V.E. Me is living proof. It's an instantly likeable track that never sounds overdone or forced. A natural hit by an artist who is entirely unfiltered.

9. Rei Ami - Dictator

We fell in love with South Korean-born, US-raised artist Rei Ami on her last track SNOWCONE and now she's doubled down with Dictator. Dictator immediately flicks the lights serving dark, distorted guitars as she flexes, taking complete control. "I am not your queen, I'm you're dictator," she raps.

8. Billie Eilish - everything i wanted

Billie Eilish is the biggest artist in the world but you wouldn't know. everything i wanted is a surprisingly downbeat cut to offer up when everyone's eyes are on you but that's the joy of it. It's a melancholic, affecting that takes its time.

7. Tei Shi - Thief

Tei Shi's second album La Linda is a cohesive, major accomplishment that's difficult to pick apart but Thief really stands out. Produced by Dev Hynes, it's a simmering, synth-driven track that allows Shi to elongate her vocals.

6. LIZ - Cool With It

LIZ's new project Planet Y2K is out and while it's a mostly nostalgic listen Cool With It pushes us into the future. Produced by 100 Gecs' Dylan Brady, it's a distorted, damning listen that's cocky and unhinged.

5. Griff - Sound Of Your Voice

18 year-old Londoner Griff has arrived with her debut project The Mirror Talk EP. Sound Of Your Voice was entirely written and produced by Griff and it shows. Her personality shines through on the minimal yet detailed pop track that soars with its expert chorus.

4. Jhene Aiko - None Of Your Concern (Feat. Big Sean)

Jhene Aiko is able to analyse her relationships and choices like no one else. Writing a song about your ex and then giving him a feature is some next-level maturity and the song benefits from it.

3. Camila Cabello - Living Proof

Camila Cabello's Romance is taking shape with Living Proof marking the fifth cut from the album. Taking a similar tempo and structure as Never Be The Same, this may be the most instantly likeable song yet driven by that lofty chorus.

2. Hannah Diamond - Love Goes On

Diamond is gearing up to release her debut album Reflections and Love Goes On follows on from previous single Invisible. It's a floating, ethereal piece that rockets back down to earth with some industrial production towards the end.

1. J Balvin - Blanco

J Balvin keeps the fire coming, dropping one of his most instantly enjoyable cuts of the year Blanco. It's just a lot of fun driven almost entirely by Balvin's infectious personality.

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