12 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Selena Gomez, Kesha, King Princess And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 10/26/2019

The girls did not come to play this week.

12. Conan Gray - Maniac

Conan Gray has flirted with a number of different styles in the past but we're feeling this beat-heavy pop sound the most. Maniac is so instantly great it has the legs to become one of his most iconic tracks.

11. Selena Gomez - Look At Her Now

We weren't huge fans of Selena in ballad mode with Lose You To Love Me but we're on board with this one. She always sounds great over an experimental electronic beat and this is one of her best displays.

10. Kota Banks - BIG BUCKS

Kota Banks keeps the boundary-pushing pop coming, this time giving us dollar signs with BIG BUCKS. It's another Swick production, pairing wobbly beats with Banks' charismatic delivery.

9. Rex Orange County - Never Had The Balls

Rex Orange County's Pony showcases songwriting in its most direct form. It doesn't get much more direct than naming a song Never Had The Balls and it's the song we've instantly gravitated too. It's an uplifting song that learns from the past and moves to the future.

8. Thomston - Los Angeles

Thomston, a generous king, has dropped two new EPs and this is the title track off one of them. Los Angeles is a slick, mid-tempo pop song that absolutely soars when it comes to that guitar-driven bridge.

7. King Princess - Tough On Myself

King Princess' Cheap Queen is out and it's an instant classic. It's a big ol' heartbreak album and it kicks off appropriately with a mighty act. She might be cheap but she's a class act.

6. Tinashe - Die A Little Bit (Feat. Ms. Banks)

Tinashe is back free of a label and she's using the newfound freedom to experiment creatively. Die A Little Bit is the most exciting Tinashe single we've heard in a long time. It feels free and boundary-pushing just like her early mixtapes.

5. CXLOE - Devil You Don't

CXLOE won't quit with the hits. She slows it down for Devil You Don't showcasing her slippery vocals over a pulsating beat. The chorus on this one might be her finest yet.

4. Wafia - Flowers & Superpowers

Wafia has managed to capture the feeling of edibles with this hazy pop song. Her voice sounds even more crystalline on top of this swirling beat, taking us right to euphoria.

3. Banoffee - Tennis Fan (Feat. Empress Of)

Banoffee has been delivering forward-thinking pop music for over half a decade now but it feels like she's really hitting her stride now. Tennis Fan is odd enough to captivate and accessible enough to stick in your head. She's also appropriately recruited pop peer Empress Of which turns out to be a perfect pairing.

2. Kesha - Raising Hell (Feat. Big Freedia)

Kesha has tapped into her OG party girl mode while forging forward with this absolute banger. She's confident, self-assured and reclaiming her right to party. Watching Kesha's resurgence has been a joy and this may be the most glorious moment yet.

1. Victoria Monet - Ass Like That

Victoria Monet is a fine writer but she has been yet to have her solo moment. Ass Like That may change that. It's one of the most expertly penned R&B songs of the year, subtly sneaking us into a chorus that just hits so hard.

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