11 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: DaBaby, Flume, Kehlani And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/28/2019

A pleasing week worth celebrating.

11. The Japanese House - Something Has To Change

The Japanese House has been giving a lot in 2019 and she keeps it coming with Something Has To Change. It's a slick slice of dream-pop bolstered by some beautiful vocal production.

10. Allie X - Fresh Laundry

The most thrilling thing about Fresh Laundry is you're never really quite sure where it's going. It's a dark, twisted trip and one of her most intriguing songs to date.

9. Tei Shi - Even If It Hurts (Feat. Blood Orange)

Tei Shi has delivered vocals on Blood Orange songs in the past and now he's returned the favour on Even If It Hurts. The pair have perfected elongated, groovy pop and this is of the highest calibre.

8. Ekali - Be Fine (Feat. Wafia)

Wafia keeps the gold coming, this time teaming up with LA-based producer Ekali. It's an emotional break-up track that feels both melancholic and hopeful.

7. Flume - Rushing Back (Feat. Vera Blue)

Flume and Vera Blue have had live outings before but this is the first time they have come together on record. The results are worth the wait. Blue floats effortlessly above Flume's trademark, industrial experimentation.

6. Keelan Mak - Test The Shallows

Keelan Mak's debut EP Test The Shallows is out and it houses this gem. The title track is a lusciously produced, decadent cut that flowers into a heartbeat-raising chorus.

5. Zedd & Kehlani - Good Thing

Kehlani is no stranger to collaborations but her most recent with Zedd Good Thing feels like a deliberate push to take her career to the next level. She's already served hard at New York Fashion Week, establishing her as a budding icon, and now she's headed for a big chart hit with Good Thing.

4. Rei Ami - Snowcone

There's a wave of experimental pop right now that is birthing artists who are not afraid to get a little weird and Rei Ami is surfing in on that. Ami is a US-based, Seoul-born artist who only has two tracks to her name but is already looking like she's going to become a cult favourite. Snowcone, her latest, is a twisted pop cut that swans in and out of hip-hop and indie-rock. It makes a distinct switch-up at the 1 minute 30 mark that takes her from Tommy Cash territory into Clairo's world of lush, guitar-driven soundscapes.

3. Kira Puru - Why Don't We Get Along

Kira Puru is back with another new joint, this time slowing things down with Why Don't We Get Along. Not one to venture into ballad territory, Puru slows the tempo but not the charisma, loading us with rich, colourful vocals.

2. DaBaby - iPhone (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

There are few having a better year in music than DaBaby is and his new album Kirk is another bullseye. There are plenty of great moments but it's hard to beat the chemistry between him and Nicki. Her verse is a masterous flex, switching up the pace at every turn.

1. Kito & Empress Of - Wild Girl

Australian-born, LA-based producer Kito has rolled out another gem, teaming up with Empress Of for Wild Girl. Both the artists sit on the outskirts of pop so it's no surprise that they've combined to make a wonky bop that distorts the pop formula.

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