Rei Ami’s ‘Snowcone’ Puts Her Within Reach Of The Charli XCX Pop Class

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/26/2019

There’s a wave of experimental pop right now that is birthing artists who are not afraid to get a little weird and Rei Ami is surfing in on that.

Ami is a US-based, Seoul-born artist who only has two tracks to her name but is already looking like she’s going to become a cult favourite.

Snowcone, her latest, is a twisted pop cut that swans in and out of hip-hop and indie-rock. It makes a distinct switch-up at the 1 minute 30 mark that takes her from Tommy Cash territory into Clairo’s world of lush, guitar-driven soundscapes.

It’s a thrilling ride that we could imagine sitting nicely on Charli XCX’s Charli – a promising lane to be heading in.