Lindsay Lohan’s Comeback Single ‘Xanax’ Is Here And…It’s Amazing?

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/25/2019

Image: MTV

Lindsay Lohan has finally released her new single Xanax which she’s been teasing for what feels like an eternity.

Lohan teamed up with Alma for the song and it also features Alice Deejay’s Better Off Alone – a sentence we never thought would be written.

The song has been debuted on Instagram and, at the time of writing, does not appear on any streaming services because why would she do anything conventionally?

Regardless of where you can listen, Xanax is a cold, hard banger. It’s a simmering pop jam about about social anxiety. A club-ready hit that has her singing about not wanting to be in the club.

Lohan is currently appearing on The Masked Singer in Australia which is a discussion for another day.