KUČKA's Comes Up For Air On The Cathartic 'Drowning'

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/19/2019

KUČKA has released her first single in almost four years Drowning and it's worth the wait.

Drowning is a leap forward for the alternative pop artist offering a sonically mind-bending backdrop and her most present vocal work to date.

The track was co-produced with Flume, who she collaborated with earlier this year on Voices, but she's front-and-centre on Drowning.

It documents a time in her life when she felt like she was going under but the tone in this song is optimistic.

The past-tense nature of the lyrics alongside the elevating production makes Drowning a liberating experience rather than a dark one.

She's due to play next year's Laneway Festival which makes us think she won't be keeping us waiting too long before releasing new material this time round.