FKA twigs Wants The Love She Deserves On The Future-Featuring 'Holy Terrain'

Written By Sam Murphy on 09/10/2019

FKA twigs has recruited Future for her latest Magdalene release Holy Terrain. 

Twigs pulls us into a dark, distorted world as she questions whether she'll be desirable once the chase is over. Despite any doubt she may have, she maintains a muscular level of control as she contorts her voice with the beat.

Sad Future arrives at the end, delivering a stirring, tender voice which is bolstered by some experimental production. He darts from speaker to speaker, echoing from the background until the song dies out.

It's a holy experience as is listening to any twigs song. It's only surprising because she's never pulled us so far into the hip-hop world on one of her own compositions.

Today, twigs also announced that her second album will be out at the end of next month. Check the details below.