Lana Del Rey Is In Her Songwriting Prime On ‘The Greatest’ & ‘F**K It I Love You’

Written By Sam Murphy on 08/23/2019

Lana Del Rey has finally dropped The Greatest and Fuck It I Love You from her forthcoming record Norman Fucking Rockwell.

Releasing a lead-single with an expletive from an album that also features an expletive is definitely no way to get played on radio but it doesn’t matter for Del Rey at this point. This a timeless quality to both of these songs that shows she’s in her golden era as a songwriter.

The pair have been released together in one music video even though they sit separately on the album and are seperate beasts.

The Greatest feels like a career-defining song. It’s a hearty, nostalgic record that is to her what My Way was to Frank Sinatra.

Fuck It I Love You, on the other hand, is an intimate love song with one of her most impactful bridges to date.

They’re both produced by Jack Antonoff who seems to have revealed the rawest, most sincere pockets of her songwriting.