Oscar Scheller & Lily Allen Capture The Anxiety Of Low Battery On Pristine Pop Song ‘1%’

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/10/2019

Image: Twitter

British songwriter and producer Oscar Scheller has enlisted Lily Allen for his new tune 1% and it turns out it’s a bang-on match.

For those who don’t know Scheller, he’s been releasing his own music for more than four years now and has also produced for Brooke Candy, Lil Halima and Miira May.

Now, he’s gearing up to drop his new project HTTP404, kicked off by 1%. 

As the title suggests, the song is literally inspired by waiting to get a text back from a love interest when you’re low on battery but Scheller and Allen turn it into something wildly entertaining.

Scheller’s past tunes have always housed vivid imagery that reminded us of Allen’s songwriting so it makes sense that together the pair are witty, free-flowing and honest.