11 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Rosalía, Dominic Fike, Mahalia And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/09/2019

It’s fucking money man.

11. Eyelar – Voices

Pop music continues to move closer-and-closer to emo with Eyelar one of the new names leading the charge. Voices is so dark, finding a lane somewhere between Halsey’s Nightmare and Charli XCX’s Lucky.

10. Dounia – DELIGHTFUL

Dounia caught our attention with last year’s Kehlani collab Rich Girl Mood and even though DELIGHTFUL is a different mood we’re hooked. It’s a wafting, hypnotising ballad conjured by those whimsical vocals.

9. Vera Blue – The Way That You Love Me

Vera Blue continues to play with more adventurous production, matching her voice with one of the most damning beats she’s ever encountered. The results are thrilling.

8. Cupcakke – Ayesha

Cupcakke’s coming through with a late charge for song of the summer. Her Ayesha Curry-tribute is a hotted-up dancehall cut that showcases Cupcakke on fine form.

7. Blithe – Masochist

There’s no shortage of minimal pop songs out this week but Blithe’s addition stands atop of the pack. Masochist is a slinky track that builds towards a climax with very little fuss/

6. Dominic Fike – Phone Numbers

Dominic Fike continues his quick ascent to the top teaming with hip-hop’s man of the moment Kenny Beats. It works too. Phone Numbers is his strongest drop since 3 Nights.

5. Griff – Mirror Talk

Griff is going to be a major pop name very soon but she’s only just started her charge with Mirror Talk. Showcasing the same sort of minimal restraint as Julia Michael’s, she shows off an effortless feel for melody.

4. Lupa J – Woman

Lupa J’s queer declaration is an enticing, suave exploration of sexuality. Vocally, she treats it with this gorgeous, elongated restraint while the beat escalates slowly but surely.

3. Brooke Candy – XXXTC (Feat. Charli XCX & Malibu Mitch)

Brooke Candy and Charli XCX have created pop gold many a time but this time Charli moves into Candy’s hip-hop lane for an icy cut boosted by a Malibu Mitch appearance.

2. Mahalia – Simmer (Feat. Burna Boy)

Mahalia has been hyped for a while now but it feels like she hasn’t truly had her breakthrough…until now. This is one of the most effortless cuts of the year, rolling from one word to the next with an unmatchable flow. The Burna Boy feature is inspired too.

1. Rosalía – Milionària

Rosalía is on another level right now. With each release she edges closer to world domination and Milionària may be her most accessible release yet. The “fucking money man” hook is the Instagram caption of your next 14 photos.

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