Bootleg Rascal Are Reborn On Double A-Side ‘Yin & Yang’

Written By Sam Murphy on 07/04/2019

It may be just a year since we heard Bootleg Rascal‘s last album Anónimo but they’re already adorning us with new material.

Their new double A-side Yin & Yang does exactly what the title would suggest, serving us with two opposites that show two dimensions to the Aussie duo.

They’ve always had a confidence to them whether it be the horn-driven swagger of Head In The Clouds or the blurry potency of their Ivan Ooze collab To The Moon but these new ones see them puffing their chest more than ever.

Get Over Myself leaves the charge and it’s growling yet groovy track that bursts with the same kind personality that turned The Black Keys or Portugal, The Man into superstars. In fact, this one has the melodic chops and soul to become a crossover hit in the same vein as Feel It Still.

As always though, there’s an undercurrent of electronic influence that sees them channel Gorillaz’s grittiest releases.

Tryin’ To Run on the other hand feels springier, like it was born in the delirium of the desert. The raps feel flightier than ever and the hook is devilishly funky. The guitars howl and the percussion shakes as they sit back in the beat and let the song runaway.

It’s unusual for a band to sound this renewed five years into their career but with a new label and management there’s a sense of rebirth that’s trickled into the music.