11 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Ellie Goulding, Julia Michaels, Daniel Caesar And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/28/2019

Burn this to a mixtape and spin it on your Discman.

11. Ellie Goulding - Hate Me (Feat. Juice WRLD)

Ellie Goulding is giving us a smorgasbord of genres ahead of her fourth album and Hate Me is her most explicitly urban offering yet. It's dark and hateful but it's got this wicked appeal to it that hooks you despite having any major climax.

10. Julia Michaels - Fucked Up, Kinda (Feat. ROLE MODEL)

Julia Michaels is often good at doing the most so it's nice to hear a bit of humour occasionally. Fucked Up, Kinda is the most playful she's been in ages and it's one of the best cuts on her new project. She's also recruited one of our favourite new voices ROLE MODEL.

9. Lontalius - Make My Dreams Come True

Lontalius has cleaned up his production, opened his voice and become even more honest with his new music and you can really tell on Make My Dreams Come True. It's a solemn, beautiful track that relies on its earnest lyrics more than anything else.

8. Ojikae - Overdue

Aussie artist Ojikae overwhelmed us with his voice when he burst onto the scene with Existentiality in 2017. He's spent a while perfecting his tunes and Overdue is his most stylistically complete offering yet. The vocals are still there's also a production aesthetic that shows you where he's headed as an artist.

7. Conan Gray - Checkmate

This Cali artist has already got a fan in Kevin Abstract but he's about to find plenty more with Checkmate. The song takes its genre cues from Indie rock but it's got a pop heart with a chorus that'll lock in your brain from listen 1.

6. Wave Racer - AUTO

We didn't know we needed Wave Racer back so badly but it turns out we did. It's been four years but he's back with a simultaneously familiar and fresh sound. AUTO darts in and out of melodies, consistently tricking you into thinking you know where it's going.

5. H.E.R. - Racks (Feat. YBN Cordae)

Racks might be H.E.R.'s most immediate cut yet. She's dipped into Mary J. Blige territory, giving us mid-tempo R&B music driven by vocals. YBN Cordae's verse is even a worthy addition, proving he's able to make a name for himself out of the YBN crew.

4. Daniel Caesar - LOVE AGAIN (Feat. Brandy)

Daniel Caesar has put us all in our feels today, dropping a project basically outta nowhere. LOVE AGAIN is our immediate favourite because it creates space for Caesar and Brandy to deliver their absolute best vocal performances.

3. Jacques Greene - Night Service (Feat. Cadence Weapon)

Jacques Greene is one of the finest electronic producers in the world right now and he's dipped into the rap world momentarily to collide with Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon. "Night service, Saturday mass," is one hell of a mantra.

2. serpentwithfeet - Receipts (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

We didn't think we would hear Serpentwithfeet team up with Ty Dolla $ign anytime soon but it's an absolute treat. The pair have two of the most distinct, soulful voices in the business right now and on their new collab Receipts it's almost too much to take.

1. Clairo - Closer To You

Closer To You is the second single from Clairo's Rostam-produced new album Immunity and you can tell she's really stepped it up. This and Bags are two of the best songs of the year, taking her rawness and crafting it into something that's larger but still intimate.

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