While You Were All Talking About Taylor Swift Two Of The Best Videos Of The Year Dropped

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/18/2019

Let’s say this and be done with it. Taylor Swift’s You Need To Calm Down is a hot mess. It’s her audition tape to become a queer icon that places her own narrative ahead of queer representation all the while making avoiding homophobia look simple.

It really says something when you recruit an impressive list of LGBTQI+ artists and creatives (in Pride month) only to make the climax a reunion with your ex-nemesis Katy Perry.

Enough about that though – let’s shift attention.

Within a couple of hours two other videos dropped and they’re worth talking about. One is for Tove Lo’s near-perfect new song Glad He’s Gone and the other is for Robyn’s Honey highlight Ever Again.

Lo has always been highly skilled at gifting her videos with a great storyline but she may have outdone herself here. The Glad He’s Gone visual is part-literal and part-surreal as a conversation with a girlfriend on the phone takes her across the world and in-and-out of prison.

It was directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, who have worked on surreal videos like Coldplay’s Up&Up, but this may be their greatest work yet.

On a much more minimal scale, Robyn’s Ever Again video is a low-key performance video made brilliant by Robyn herself.

It’s a sexually charged dance video and one that feels like it sings alongside Dancing On My Own in terms of concept.

This time around though Robyn’s dancing is more self-assured. It’s physical and magnetic, using the mic stand both practically and romantically. There are tinges of Prince in there but more importantly, it’s Robyn showing us once again just how layered yet simple her songs can be.