12 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Flume, Banks, Ashely O And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 06/15/2019

Swifty cooked it again but these made up for it.

12. Francis And The Lights - Do You Need Love?

It's been a big week for Francis And The Lights. He swiftly followed up his Banks collab with this weighty ballad lifted to the heavens by those layered vocals.

11. EVAN GIIA - What You Need

It's almost unbelievable that an artist so early in her career is this good at pairing bangers but What You Need proves Westworld was no fluke. It's circling, woozy beat is juxtaposed by an assured vocal that bleeds with charisma.

10. Yorke - Thought I Could

Yorke continues to show us why she's this country's most earnest new songwriter. Thought I Could is a warm and inviting cut that draws you in with that familiar voice.

9. Gallant - Sharpest Edges

Gallant is back and surely on the road to his second album with this new track Sharpest Edges. It's the funkiest he's ever allowed himself to be, providing a playground for that wild falsetto.

8. BANKS - Look What You're Doing To Me (Feat. Francis And The Lights)

Banks is constantly at an 11 so it's nice to hear he pull it back a tad while still going for it vocally. Francis And The Lights is a master of that so it's no surprise that he appears and elevates it to a place of pure heartache.

7. Ashley O - On A Roll

Only Miley Cyrus could make music for a fake popstar on a Black Mirror episode and it be better than anything off her hyped Miley EP. Move over Hannah Montana, Ashley O is here to steal your pop crown with this brilliantly cooked anthem.

6. Flume - Let You Know (Feat. London Grammar)

We all know by now that Flume knows exactly what to do with a soulful female vocal so it's no surprise that his team up with Hannah from London Grammar is near-perfect. It's melancholic and euphoric at the same time.

5. Thomston - Lightweight

Thomston is a really great popstar and it's about time we all acknowledged that and elevated him to greatness. Lightweight is a surprisingly weighty pop song with a chorus that slaps you right on the cheek.

4. Shura - religion (u can lay your hands on me)

Shura's Like A Prayer moment may not be as grand as what Madonna delivered but it's dripping with just as much horny energy. She pulls back and gives into temptation over a gorgeously layered beat.

3. Octavian - My Head (Feat. Abra)

Before we start, let's get on the same page about Octavian. He's one of the most innovative MCs in the world right now and is yet to put a foot wrong. The Abra-featuring My Head is a highlight off his Endorphins mixtape and it sounds like Travis Scott produced a song with Charli XCX.

2. GoldLink - More

Every GoldLink album has a handful of club bangers and Diaspora is no different. More is a minimal but deeply groovy cut that unfolds into a state of unrestricted bliss.

1. Burna Boy - Anybody

Burna Boy is consistently one of the most exciting voices around, serving us Afrobeat gold everytime. Anybody is a moody, horn-lifted anthem that just feels bloody great.

If you want more than just 12 songs you can get a bit more bang for your buck with our Spotify playlist: