10 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Ed Sheeran, Steve Lacy, Solange And More

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/24/2019

A varied but good looking bunch.

10. Dounia - Toxic

Dounia grabbed our ears last year with her Kehalni-assisted track Rich Girl Mood. She's back today with a short EP and Toxic is the standout. It's a confident flex, elevated by those intoxicating vocals.

9. Lucky Daye - Call

LA artist Lucky Daye dropped his debut project Painted today and it's full of bops. Call is the early standout, giving us early '00s RnB vibes with soulful harmonies and an easygoing melody.

8. LOVA - I Can Do Better

If you're not around LOVA, let's change that. The Swedish artist has a short but excellent discography, beefed up today by I Can Do Better. It's a liberating pop song that also sticks the knife in and twists it.

7. Ed Sheeran - Cross Me (Feat. PnB Rock & Chance The Rapper)

I Don't Care felt lazy but in stark comparison the follow-up Cross Me is some of the most intriguing work Sheeran has done in recent time. The PnB Rock hook is inspired and even Chance sounds spurred on by the wobbly, '90s-leaning beat.

6. Carlie Hanson - WYA

There's something dark about Carlie Hanson's music, like it's extracted from '90s grunge. WYA is another brooding track that we could imagine Avril Lavigne cutting.

5. Denzel Curry - Speedboat

Denzel Curry is gearing up to release a new album ZUU and he's delivered Speedboat ahead of it. It may be his most accessible single to date boistered by an instantly recognisable hook.

4. Astrid S - The First One

Astrid S doesn't release much new music but everytime she has a new drop it's A+. The First One is an exquisite pop song with some near-perfect writing, particularly in the bridge.

3. Clairo - Bags

The Queen of lo-fi pop is back today with a melancholic, whistful cut. As always, Clairo taps into fragility while also remaining steadfast.

2. Flying Lotus - Land Of Honey (Feat. Solange)

You can already tell from the title of this that it's going to be good and it doesn't disappoint one bit. Solange's voice slips and slides through this ethereal Flying Lotus cut off his new album Flamagra.

1. Steve Lacy - Like Me (Feat. Daisy)

Steve Lacy entire debut album Apollo XXI is incredible but it's hard to go past this 9-minute epic. Like Me is Lacy letting loose both instrumentally and vocally, serving everything in excess.

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