The 25 Best Lana Del Rey Songs, Ranked

Written By Sam Murphy on 05/23/2019

Ranking Lana Del Rey songs is akin to ranking your family members but here goes nothing…

25. Florida Kilos

This Ultraviolence bonus track has become a cult favourite. It’s one of Lana’s most woozy, hypnotic songs with a chorus that is basically nonsense, in the best way.

24. Terrence Loves You

Lana loves Terrence Loves You and admittedly this smokey, jazz club cut may only be on the list because of this amazing video.

23. Change

This sprawling ballad is one of Lana’s darkest moments ever. It’s despairing and not in her usual hyperbolic way. This is Lana considering the world as nihilistic and yet still finding some hope. Usually, she’d stop at the former.

22. Cola

“My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola,” will forever be one of the most shocking first lines in pop music.

21. In My Feelings

In My Feelings is everything you’ve ever wanted Lana to be. It’s petty, dramatic and rude with Lana embracing all the extremities of her personality.

20. Music To Watch Boys To

Lana’s music has always been cinematic and here she embraces it, soundtracking herself as she watches on lustfully.

19. 13 Beaches

13 Beaches is as grandiose as they come giving us luscious strings alongside lonely lyrics.

18. Gods & Monsters

Lana’s songs are often sweeping and starry but Gods & Monsters digs its heels in, delivering a stomping beat and some of Lana’s most aggressive vocal work.

17. Shades Of Cool

Ultraviolence is still Lana’s most experimental, lo-fi project and Shades Of Cool is the centrepiece. It’s explores the giddy heights of her vocal range in one of her most soaring choruses.

16. Summertime Sadness

Before it was remixed into an EDM giant, Summertime Sadness it was a quaint, fleeting love story with one of Born To Die‘s most instant choruses.

15. Money Power Glory

Lana usually shies away from Celine-scale power ballads but when you deliver a line like, “that’s not this bitch wants,” you better tell us what you want with, “all that you’ve got.”

14. National Anthem

National Anthem was a fan-favourtie long before Born To Die arrived back when it was a gritty, rock-flavoured demo. It was cleaned up for the album and now it’s Lana’s patriotic theme song.

13. Born To Die

Born To Die is an alluring, spinetingling Lana moment but one can’t help but wonder what it would’ve sounded like if it didn’t arrive as her major label debut during a unneseccary critical slamming.

12. Ride

Ride feels like the moment Lana truly hit her stride. She tapped into the cinematic, vintage stylings that were often dulled down on her debut and gave us a soaring classic.

11. Cherry

All it took was a small Instagram clip for the fandom to fall in love with Cherry. It’s a sexy yet damning love song that’s the best Bond song that never was. Bitch. Fuck.

10. Mariner’s Apartment Complex

Lana’s most recent work is also the most earnest music she’s ever made. While she’s often embraced a mysterious character Mariner’s Apartment Complex gives it to us straight with direct songwriting and subtly unfolding production courtesy of Jack Antonoff.

9. Old Money

Lana is an all-in type of girl and when she falls in love, she falls hard. Old Money depicts that in the most extreme kind of ways, as she cries out in the chorus, “If you call for me, you know I’ll run to you.” It’s clenched-fist-passion and a sterling ballad.

8. Brooklyn Baby

As Axl Rose dating rumours swirled, Lana gave us everything we wanted singing about her, “boyfriend in a band.” She’s confirming nothing though. This is an intimate love story as vivid as they come and one of the few songs captivating enough to justify it’s near-six-minute length.

7. Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans was often seen as a Video Games B-side but she holds stands confidently by herslef. It’s a smokey, dramatic cut that captures Lana at her most hyperbolic. If there’s an early Lana song that foreshadows the rest of her career best, it’s this one.

6. Off To The Races

Too often the watered-down production on Born To Die watered down Lana’s personality but there was nothing you could do to ruin Off To The Races. It’s a modern, pop epic with verses that draw you in like a curled finger and runaway train choruses.

5. West Coast

The first single off Lana’s second record Ultraviolence felt like a confusing choice at first but it’s grown-up to present as one of her defining songs. This was the moment Lana became daring. She was poised not for chart success but for artistic fulfillment. From the tempo changes to the danger of the whole act, it’s thrilling.

4. High By The Beach

High By The Beach is perhaps Lana’s best pastiche of her percieved character and it’s so brilliantly done. Shooting down a helicopter with a huge gun while occupying an empty home is a visual that far eclipses anything we could write about High By The Beach.

3. Venice Bitch

Lana laughed about telling her label that she was going to release a 10-minute song with an expletive in the title but this is no deliberate controversial move. Venice Bitch is perfect. She’s done summer love before but this is the most beautiful of her depictions. The beginning is heartfelt and delicate and then, in an instrumental fuzz, the song sizzles away, much like a summer romance.

2. Video Games

Forget one of Lana’s best songs, Video Games is one of the best love songs of all time. It’s an intimate if not mundane moment turned into this grandiose declaration of love. Delivered upon simple keys and a bed of sweeping orchestrals, it’ll make you fall in love every time.

1. Love

Love is Video Games grown-up. No longer is it soundtracking a vintage video game, it’s now a feature film – bigger, bolder and more expensive. The heart of it remains though as big as it gets. Lana is still at the centre of it all pouring her heart out as the drums pound. She may be coming from a place of knowledge but deep down she knows she’s still as windswept by the concept of love as ever. The narrated becomes the narrater as “you get ready” switches to “I get ready”. Lana is young and in love and that’s never going to change.

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