Charly Bliss Amp Up The Intensity On Fuzzy, '90s-Leaning Single 'Hard To Believe'

Written By Sam Murphy on 04/11/2019

Every song Charly Bliss have released from their forthcoming second album Young Enough has been close to perfection but there's something about this latest Hard To Believe.

They've upped the tempo and stripped away the synths for their biggest indie-rock turn yet. Eva Hendricks' voice and melody hit the sweet spot, bringing the '90s power-pop to the track in the most delectable of ways.

Towards the end, the song hits a state of euphoria even though the lyrics are riddled with doubt and denial. It's a perfect juxtaposition for a pop that is making some of the darkest, sweetest pop music around right now.

Charly Bliss are one of the acts bringing electric guitars back to pop music which you can read more about here.