Georgia's 'About Work The Dancefloor' Will Make You Want To Dance Harder Than Any Other Song This Year

Written By Sam Murphy on 04/02/2019

British musician Georgia has returned with her first new song of the year About Work The Dancefloor and it's spectacular.

She's been making experimental electronic-pop for the better part of four years now but About Work The Dancefloor feels like her breakthrough. It's a hearty, euphoric pop song driven by these soaring, '80s-tinged synths.

People have been raving about it all weekend and for good reason. It's the most danceable song of the year so far, tapping into the same space as Robyn's Dancing On My Own or La Roux's Bulletproof.

Before now Georgia wasn't on our radar for 2019 but now there's nobody else we can think about.

Georgia is coming to Australia. She's touring with Jungle this month. Check out the dates here.