There Are Few New Rappers As Honest As Kari Faux Is On Her New EP ‘CRY 4 HELP’

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/18/2019

Female rappers are taking the crown early this year and in 2019 we are ensuring there are multiple crowns being handed out because the talent pool is too good to get caught up in the ridiculous leaderboard we too often force them onto.

Tierra Whack, Megan Thee Stallion and Koffee are just a handful of MCs who have released excellent music this year and now they’re being joined by Kari Faux.

The LA MC’s first project in two years is an accomplished and honest EP CRY 4 HELP. Over 5-tracks, she details depression, expectation and past trauma in thoughtful, slow-moving bars.

The beats are raw and organic like she’s been listening to The Internet and Madlib, providing the perfect backdrop for her smooth raps and vocals to shine through. She’s just as much a singer as she is a rapper and neither modes outshines the other here.