16 Year-Old Newcomer KIITA's 'Let's Commit A Robbery' Positions Herself As A Potential Pop Powerhouse

Written By Sam Murphy on 03/05/2019

Image: Twitter

We're just getting over the fact that Billie Eilish has risen to the top before she's 18 and now there's another one to turn our attention to.

KIITA is 16 and still in school but today dropped her debut EP Let's Commit A Robbery which shows she has the chops to go big.

With the intensity and darkness of Halsey, she's making straight-to-the-point pop over trap beats. There's plenty of that floating around right now but KIITA's a knack for songwriting and melody far above others in that genre right now.

I Miss You, with its grunge-inspired guitars, is the clear star of the set but there's plenty more worth sinking your teeth into.