12 Songs You Need To Hear This Week: Ariana Grande, Marina, Khalid & More

Written By Sam Murphy on 02/08/2019

An enormous week that not even The Chainsmokers can ruin.

12. Vera Blue - Like I Remember You

We heard Vera Blue debut this at a showcase earlier in the week and we're blown away by just how perfect her voice sounds over that crunchy, industrial chorus. She's got such a power behind her and it shines through expertly on this mournful ballad.

11. Mahalia - Do Not Disturb

Mahalia is locked in for a big year if she keeps rolling out tracks like Do Not Disturb. The British artist has given us another minimal but honest track that lets very little get in the way of her lyrical frankness.

10. Maren Morris - Common (Feat. Brandi Carlile)

If Maren Morris isn't in the top 5 most successful popstars of this year, we'll hang up our hats. Common is the second song off her forthcoming album GIRL and it's another Sarah Aaron's co-write that soars. She's nailing the country/pop crossover and not losing any of her identity in the process.

9. Khalid & Disclosure - Talk

We've never really thought about what a Khalid and Disclosure collab would look like before but now that it's happened it makes perfect sense. Disclosure slippery, spacious beats are the perfect backdrop for Khalid's raspy, soulful voice.

8. George Maple - Champion

George Maple is back with her most daring moment yet Champion. With militant drums and focussed spoken word, she's not messing around with this one. It's a powerful, experimental mission statement that shows she's committed to pushing her artistic vision forward.

7. SACHI - Worst Behaviour (Feat. Sam De Rosa)

SACHI are just quietly becoming the best pop producers on this side of the world and Worst Behaviour is another smash. It's got a slinky, soulful nature and that chorus, driven by Sam De Rosa's malleable vocals, is perfect.

6. Diplo & Octavian - New Shapes

Diplo and Octavian have teamed up for what is the most beautiful hip-hop track you're going to hear this year. Octavian has a knack for the most heart-wrenching melodies and he brings it heavy on New Shapes.

5. KIAN - Childism

Aussie teenager KIAN is going to have an absolutely massive year. His track Waiting has already made him one of the most buzzed acts in local music and now Childism is set to take him to another level. It's Tame Impala if Kevin Parker listened to RnB and mumble rap for a year and it's glorious.

4. Marina - Handmade Heaven

It took her long enough but Marina is finally back (without The Diamonds). Handmade Heaven is the first track to come from a forthcoming album and she's written it by herself with Joel Little on production. It's a subtle, graceful re-introduction with Marina showing us just how heavenly that vocal can be.

3. Anna Of The North - Leaning On Myself

Anna Of The North's return with Leaning On Myself feels refreshing. It's a beautiful self-love anthem that practices positivity in the wake up of a break-up. Anna has never given us something this organic and it feels like she's come in leaps and bounds as an artist since we last heard from her.

2. Ariana Grande - Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored

The biggest popstar in the world drops another future number one. Simple as that.

1. Jamila Woods - ZORA

The first single off Jamila Woods' forthcoming record LEGACY! LEGACY! is a tribute to author and activist Zora Neale Hurston who was an influential author and academic on African-American culture. Woods' tribute is an organic, richly soulful RnB track that's intelligent, humble and powerful.

Sidenote: The Kim Petras and SOPHIE song is very good but Dr. L*ke needs to go.

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